Stadium Lesson from Dan Meis

Dan Meis giving the studio a lesson on stadium and bowl design

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Same Shit, Different Day…

Carrying what is left of my bike to DPS to file a police report about my stolen rear wheel.

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Griffith Park with Lizzy

Lizzy looking out over Griffith Park towards the Observatory

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Finals at USC

The makeshift sign-up sheet taped to the side of the plotter makes for a sad display of architectural ingenuity.

Made it through another semester at USC. Once again, the plotter situation turned into a circus (I am using “circus” in lieu of a handful of expletives I would rather use). The computer stations had been taken over weeks ago and now look like a pig sty. Coffee spilt on keyboards, a mysterious sticky stain all over the floor, half-eaten to-go boxes stacked one on top of the other. People are disgusting. No respect for community equipment. ┬áThe “sign-up sheet” for the plotters was a pretty sad display. It’s a terrible system made worse by students who pay no attention to the idea of a “line” and decide not to wait their turn. It’s ridiculous. Something has to change out here.

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Phone Repair

Finally got around to fixing the busted screen on my phone. Turned out to be quite a process, but now it’s (almost) good as new.

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Living in South Central LA

I can hear the police helicopter outside my apartment pretty often, but usually not during the day. Walking back from the grocery store, I saw that familiar black and white helicopter circling the area and remember thinking “Thats seems like its right over my apartment, I wonder whats happening?” Turns out it was precisely over my apartment. I still haven’t heard any details about what exactly happened, but I watched this unfold from my apartment window.

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Doodle from a long and boring day of studio review:

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